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In the spring of 2021, as part of a residency at the Semencerie (collective
of artists and artisans based in Strasbourg) and with the support of Papier Gâchette
(associative printing and publishing house), I create a screen printing workshop
DIY in miniature format. The goal: all the equipment must fit in my car,
the printing table, the insolator, the frames, the doctor blades, the paper, the inks etc.

In the process, I traveled the roads of France for two months with my
mobile workshop and my little caravan (Strasbourg, Orléans, Laval, Rennes,
Angoulème, Cahors, Toulouse, Marseille, Toulon, Valence and many others).


I undertook this trip for several reasons: first of all to discover
and share my passion for screen printing, also to meet
of artists and serigraphs and finally to carry out photographic work
and research with the aim of producing a micro-edition (L'Exode, published in
Editions Papier Gâchette in December 2021).

In order to be able to continue to bring this project to life and share my techniques
of artisanal printing, I declared myself as a self-employed entrepreneur
when I return from my trip and I can now intervene officially
and autonomous in different contexts and manifestations (educational sector,
cultural, festive...)

A graphic artist by training, Adobe graphic design softwares has been my everyday partners for the past ten years. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to make all types of communication media: catalogs, posters, packaging, websites and various advertising documents. Below, I propose some of my digital creations from different worlds.

Pour une formule à la carte, pour obtenir un devis ou pour toute autre question, contactez-moi.


Achille Kempf

Graphiste indépendant
06 51 98 98 05
N° SIRET : 90864019600014


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